Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sick Day

I am not currently sick, but it is spring break, so I had some time to finally finish off this poem that I started last October, when I was sick for a few days.

Another school year's in full swing,
The students are working hard.
When without fail, I hear something,
My classroom's silence marred
By the clearing of a throat, a cough,
Then some sniffling and a sneeze.
That night, Emergen-C I quaff
And beg, "Not this time, please!"
But soon enough, I'm coughing too
And snot clogs up my nose.
My energy drops from ten to two,
An ache in my head grows!

When I was a younger, foolish jerk
I tried to power through.
But all my germs tagged along to work
And my coworkers got sick too!
I've long since learned a better way
To deal with being sick:
I rest for one entire day
And heal up much more quick!
Instead of working a flat ten percent
Efficiency for weeks,
I lay in bed, it's time well spent.
One valley yields more peaks!

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