Sunday, May 29, 2011

Limerick for a Mail Thief

As some of you saw, I had some mail stolen last week, which was pretty upsetting for me.  I hate how it is making me mistrust other members of my community.  Anyway, it has been weighing heavily on my mind, so I'm afraid that it will be the topic of my poetry for this week (also, sorry I didn't post last weekend!  I was in Montréal, hence the stolen package).  Anyway, here is my angry Limerick for a Mail Thief

There once was a thief who stole mail.
But instead of him going to jail,
When he was caught
Some postage we bought
And mailed all his fingers to Vail.

NEXT WEEK: Hopeufully something less gruesome and more positive!

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Poetry of the Day said...

limericks are my favorite!! i need to post some of mine on myownverse. would be solid.
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