Wednesday, April 2, 2008

My first 3-part Limerick

There's probably a poetry term for a "three-part poem" right? Anyways, this series of limericks is a response to my friend Bob, who thinks I am dishonoring the limerick form with the cleanliness of my poetry.

"Your limericks need be more dirty!"
Bob said, "Yours are much too purdy.
You should follow the form!
Sex and swears are the norm.
It's lewdness you need, not nerdy!"

But a nerd I am! (sad but true)
And clean limericks are nothing new
Look up "Nonsense" by Lear
Not one curse will you hear.
He wrote them for kids, I might too!

Not a genre where all are the same,
A whole medium, more like a game!
Take any old theme,
With words, rhyme and scheme
A new limerick's fun even when tame!

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