Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Emo Overdose!

I was feeling pretty bummed out, and I have been writing limericks, so I decided to write a limerick about being bummed out. It was only when I was done that I realized I was writing POETRY about being SAD which is pretty hilarious if you "zoom out." Anyways, I can see why this has been a popular activity for depressed people through the ages. There is something nice about taking a confusing situation that doesn't make a lot of sense and imposing some sort of order on it, fitting it into rhymes and the like. ANYWAYS, here it is - a two-parter!

It's so simple when things end in hate.
One month off and you're ready to date.
You're not sad that s/he's gone,
It feels good to move on!
One step closer to finding your mate.

Much worse when things end up confusing.
Hearts get not a breaking, but bruising.
For when both get along
but the timing's just wrong,
All paths of fate feel like you're losing.

(As Gabe points out, If I could fit the WHOLE SECOND LIMERICK into the last line of the first Limerick, it might actually be kind of good - oh well!)

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