Monday, March 24, 2008

Welcome to Longstreth's Limericks!

Tonight, for some reason, I decided to look up the Limerick Wikipedia article. All of a sudden I was OBSESSED with the idea of writing Limericks. I love me some good word play, and this seems like a fun way to mess around with words. It's like a little game! And the form is just short enough that I can create one in my head without too much effort. Here is my first Limerick, which Gabe helped me with a bit:
I'm entering a new phase of life,
That may cause you readers some strife:
It's limericks I'll write!
Each day and all night,
With puns and bad meter they'll be rife...

And then here was Gabe's response:
A good limerick can be quite clever.
To write one is Alec's endeavor.
If you ask me to guess,
If he'll be a success,
I'll earnestly tell you, "not ever."

So I think this is going to be a new hobby for me... My goal is to write several hundred horrible limericks, for fun, and maybe in the process one or two good ones will pop out, which perhaps I can illustrate and turn into a zine or minicomic or something. Feel free to post your own response Limericks in the comments!


Marek Bennett said...

Oh God, not another new blog,
They cloud up the air like a fog!
But if you would write poems
we can read in our homes,
Then you might as well maintain a log!

Alec Longstreth said...

Marek, that's like your THIRD limerick in one night! You are on fire!!! :)